A St. Louis Tradition

I feel like everywhere I look right now, all my friends who have moved from St. Louis are making Gooey Butter Cake. There must be a big waft of nostalgia floating through the air. Our friends served it at their daughter’s first birthday party. My other sweet friend from high school posted it on her … Continue reading A St. Louis Tradition

The Pie Crust Test

So I know the title may be a little deceiving if you think that I actually made pie. In all honesty – I made two different pie crust recipes and then turned them into cookies. When I was in graduate school, I first started doing this when I had some extra (pre-made…store bought) pie crust … Continue reading The Pie Crust Test

Brownie Crack-ers

Have you bought the brownie brittle from the grocery store? I know that I pick it up and put it back almost every time I am at the grocery store. I have to put it back because I know that I will eat basically the whole bag…in..one…sitting. Sad, I know. A few years ago, I … Continue reading Brownie Crack-ers