When I left for college I was prepared to learn so many new things from my professors, work hard playing volleyball and make new friends. I was expecting new experiences like going to school with boys again for the first time since second grade, but what I was so not prepared for was learning how … Continue reading Challah

Bright Lemon Tart

The healthy streak has continued in our house this week and we are celebrating with a great big dose of winter citrus. Kevin gifted me a beautiful tart pan two years ago for Christmas, and I somehow managed to never use it. I don’t know what happened. I am going to blame moving a few … Continue reading Bright Lemon Tart

Welcome Back Muffins

Happy New Year! So sorry for the long break from posting recipes here on the blog. Our family has been struck with the “first full year of school immune system boost” aka we have been so sick since Thanksgiving that not much has been getting accomplished. This is our first full week of health in … Continue reading Welcome Back Muffins